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FieldVolt Power Case

Instrument cover photo.

This documentation covers part number 10-0000181


Empower your field operations with the FieldVolt Power Case, the cornerstone of the FieldVolt system. Designed to simplify the daunting task of powering your equipment in the field, our system ensures seamless operation for any data collection endeavor or field project.

High Power Capacity: Equipped with two 12VDC 8Ah batteries, our power case boasts a total capacity of 16Ah, providing nearly 200Wh of reliable power to keep your instruments running.

Effortless Charging: The integrated charge controller facilitates hassle-free charging via solar panels or wall power, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in remote locations. Up to 65W of solar panels can be attached to each FieldVolt power case!
Standardized Connectivity: With standardized connectors compatible with the FieldVolt ecosystem, effortlessly connect and adapt to any instrument, streamlining your setup process. Make it trivial to swap power, instruments, and adapt your deployment plan on the fly with this new standard.

Power Anything: Power any instrument that draws up to 5Ah at 12 VDC from the power case. With myriad accessories such as cables, splitters, and pigtail leads, we can help you power just about anything with the FieldVolt system.

Safety Assured: Fused batteries ensure safety, with an extra fuse included for added peace of mind during fieldwork.

User-Friendly Design: Simple single-switch operation allows you to plug in your instruments, connect solar panels if required, and move on to the next site. No more fiddling with battery connections and stripping wires in the field.

Easy Maintenance: Easily accessible components enable swift repairs, battery replacements, and maintenance tasks with basic tools, ensuring continuous operation in challenging environments.

Rugged Construction: Housed in a durable and waterproof Nanuk case, our power case withstands the rigors of fieldwork, remaining virtually indestructible even when subjected to rough handling or environmental extremes.

Durable Connectivity: Featuring metal Amphenol Industrial connectors, our system remains resilient against water, dust, mud, and other environmental hazards, ensuring reliable power in any field area.

Whats in the Box

Upon receipt of your unit, unpack the contents of the box and inspect all parts for any damage incurred during shipping. Immediately report any missing parts or damage to Leeman Geophysical for replacement. Note that there are many optional accessories available, see the accessories section of the manual for details and usage notes.

  • FieldVolt Power Case with batteries

  • Extra fuse

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Zipper Storage Pouch


  • 16Ah capacity batteries come pre-installed

  • Easy to charge with up to 65W solar panels or wall chargers

  • Single standardized field volt power output connector for any instrument up to 5A

  • Fused battery connection with spare fuse

  • Single switch on/off operation

  • Easy to maintain with open design

  • Durable Nanuk Case and Amphenol Industrial connectors


Parameter Min Typ Max Unit
Weight - - - g
Width - - - mm
Length - - - mm
Height - - - mm



Instrument panel photo.

Key Description
1 5A Blade Fuse
2 Wall Charging Port (For use with the Field Volt Wall Charger)
3 Power On/Off switch
4 Charging Status Indicator
5 Field Pouch w/ Spare fuse and Schematic

Outside Connectors

On the outside of the device there are two connectors that follow the FieldVolt standard

  • Solar Panel In

  • Instrument Power Out

Instrument connector photo.





Date Changes
May 2024 Initial Release