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FieldVolt Wall Charger

Instrument cover photo.

This documentation covers part number 10-0000182


The FieldVolt system is designed to provide field power with less than a minute of setup, but sometimes you need to charge the system quickly before a deployment or may be using it for testing equipment indoors. The FieldVolt wall charger can be connected to the power case internal charging port to provide a quick 54W charge from wall power.

We use the power cases around the shop all the time to test instruments, power mobile equipment, and sometimes just keep our phones and tables charged. These chargers are a handy way to keep the cases topped off and can be left connected indefinitely as a trickle charger to keep your cases always ready!

Streamline your field power system with FieldVolt, where versatility meets reliability.

Whats in the Box

Upon receipt of your unit, unpack the contents of the box and inspect all parts for any damage incurred during shipping. Immediately report any missing parts or damage to Leeman Geophysical for replacement. Note that there are many optional accessories available, see the accessories section of the manual for details and usage notes.

  • 54W charger with FieldVolt connector pre-installed


  • 18 VDC, 3A output

  • Pre-installed FieldVolt Connector

  • Durable Amphenol Industrial Connector


Parameter Min Typ Max Unit
Weight - - - g
Width - - - mm
Length - - - mm
Height - - - mm




Date Changes
May 2024 Initial Release